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Personnel System

Personnel System

  • Evaluation system
  • And on the basis of the work done related to the duties, performed by the exact job performance evaluation of an individual's core competencies and performance, achievements, personnel was guided to develop their skills. In addition, based on the evaluation, we are committed to treating, rewarding and nurturing fairly to improve work efficiency and improve work efficiency.
  • Promotion system
  • Rational, and without regard to the evaluation results based on the fair and the number of jobs in established institutional framework to promote, depending on the individual's ability to make four won individual can unleash their capabilities.


We provide various welfare schemes to create a happy workplace.
  • Health

    Perform annual health checkups

    Special health checkup every year for harmful process workers

    Counseling and follow-up support through specialized medical institutions

    Comprehensive Health Check-up Support (Couples)

  • Support for

    student expenses

    By subsidizing the financial support for the children of our employees, we reduce the financial burden on our employees due to their children's education..

  • Cafeteria


    Operating in-house restaurant for employees

  • Congratulatory


    Support for holidays, wreaths, financial expenses, etc. in the event of a congratulatory or condolatory event related to you or your family

    Gifts for personnel birthday

  • Educational


    Supporting various internal and external education

  • Etc

    Long-term tenure (5,10,15,20,25,30 years reward)

    A half-day picnic

    Various events

    Legal benefits Insurance

    Support of Holiday Return Cost

    Support for dining expenses

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