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R & D

Research Field

  • 01

    Engine Powertrain

    - Technical development of Stainless Steel Super-laminate Embo Coover

  • 02

    Exhaust System

    - Localization of the Silica parts that the sound absorption, heat insulation, sound insulation, heat-resisting material was strengthened

    - Modularization assembly technology: Differentiation of exhaust gas system modules to make them offer optimal capabilities by utilizing sound absorption thermal insulation material parts and assembling them.

  • 03

    Insulator Areas

    - Development of the materials that sound absorption, sound insulation, heat-resistance, heat insulation, the prevention of violation, heat insulation, and durability are guaranteed.

    - Production and manufacturing technology hot forming materials by using molds.

    - Molding method to form raw materials by utilizing each binder

    - Modularization assembly technology by utilizing molded parts

    - Test and evaluation for verifying products

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