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Talent Capacity

Common competence

  • Ownership
  • Have a positive challenge the mind to understand the business environment from the perspective of managers and judges or accepts the strategic direction and ability to voluntarily discover, analyze and actively presenting a solution to a business problem of running

    self-esteem, positive challenge, initiative, confidence , role / responsibility, communication, integrity

  • Creative thinking
  • To meet the needs of the company's growth by understanding the phenomenon and the essence of things and presenting ideas through the conversion of ideas and applying skills to create new value.

    Customer relationship management, customer minded, problem-solving skills, initiation, creative environment, changes accepted

  • Self development
  • Ability to continue to develop, through their job skills and personality education, the company, and consequently to contribute to the self-realization and continuous growth of the company

    Human resource development, human resource development, change management, business enthusiasm, achievement-oriented

Executive capability

  • Conflict and Cooperation
  • Substantial disagreement or disagreement shall be settled by way of open and collaborative. Ability to quickly identify and implement the best conflict resolution by accurately understanding the nature of the conflict situation

    Problem solving skills, initiative, analytical thinking, judgment

  • Change and innovation seeking
  • Recognizing the need of change, as well as a gradual improvement in the way of thinking and working arrangements over the attempts of approach beyond the stereotypes and experience the ability to drive change and innovation in yourself and your colleagues and your organization

    Predictive power, creative thinking, communication skills, ongoing momentum, innovative mind

  • Human resource development
  • Pinpointing the goods and bads for each person, and assigning tasks appropriate to their skills and aptitudes to increase work efficiency In addition, it is necessary to delegate the necessary responsibilities and authority to lead the work.

    Leadership, teamwork and cooperation, efficient operation, guidance and advice, human resource management

Manager competency

  • Leadership
  • By presenting the company's vision to achieve the organization's objectives and show the best and encourage the members of the initiative led by members the ability to participate in the voluntary creation

    Opinions and information gathering, clear job promotion, valuation skills, knowledge transfer and directional presentation, feasibility analysis

  • Form Teamwork
  • To encourage and facilitate cooperation and teamwork between the team members to achieve the goals of the organization In order to do this, we show efforts to share various information related to our work with team members, and to actively assist our colleagues in difficult situations.

    Customer relationship management, customer minded, problem-solving skills, initiative, creative environment, changes accepted

  • Acceptance of change
  • Accept new challenges, different needs, vague and rapidly changing environment, and actively cope with. It does not panic even in the sudden change of environment around it, and if the opposing opinion is right.

    Talent development, creative thinking, change management, and flexibility / adaptability

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