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R & D


Research center

The research center established in October 2017 has concentrated on development of advanced manufacturing techniques and resources of next generation cars and security of original technologies that satisfy global environmental regulations.

삼우EP(주) R&D 요약
삼우EP(주) R&D 요약
  • 01

    Localization of Stainless Steel Super-laminate Embo Coover which is the catalytic parts for engines and Silica, the sound absorption, heat insulation, sound insulation, heat-resisting material, to develop high intensity and low weight parts that durability is guaranteed as cars' warranty has increased.

  • 02

    Development of facilities for innovating the manufacturing process to realize the goal of zeroised defects as defects of the quallity of the parts are not permitted according to the characteristics of cars.

  • 03

    Expansion and application of the spinning manufacturing method as the new method that environmental waste is not generated during the manufacturing process as the domestic and overseas environmental restrictions have increased.

  • 04

    We have made constant efforts to secure competitiveness of the best technology to continue to challenge development of new products and entry of new markets, strengthen R &D capability, and grow with domestic and overseas global car companies.

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