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About Samwoo EP

Welcome to Samwoo EP Co., Ltd. and thank you for visiting us.

기술을 선도하는 세계최고 자동차부품 전문기업 삼우기업(주)입니다.
Starting to produce sound absorption, sound insulation, thermal insulation materials, and heat resisting materials of the automobile field for the first time in Korea as an affiliate Samwoo Enterprise, Samwoo EP Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer that specializes in producing and welding parts with parts for Mulffler established in 2014 and sound absorption, sound insulation, and thermal insulation materials for and Resonators and Engine power trains based on technical know-how accumulated in overseas factories (China and Europe).

We have continued to change to invest in facilities actively and accomplish our goals act for environment-friendly technologies of the exhaust system and environmental protection under the slogan of TOSA(Together SAMWOO) to secure continuous growth and global competitiveness in 2025.

We will make a contribution to the global automobile parts industry as the trust and faith-based company.

Young, high-spirited, and passionate executives and employees try a new leap being one.

And we have sincerely built the ground work for the future with the policy of quality improvement, technical innovation, and environment-friendly management because we must realize customer delight that is higher than their demands rather than customer satisfaction which just satisfies their needs to survive and grow in the age of limitless competition.

We will make efforts to carry out our responsibility to the fullest in the nation and society by continuing to challenging and step forward to stay competitive in the world as the advance guard of the Korean automobile parts industry keeping change, sharing, and passion the basic management philosophy of the beginning of the foundation by the founder, in mind in a modest way.

All the executives and staff members of Samwoo EP Co., Ltd.




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