Cutting inorganic fiber mat and manufacturing method

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▲ Manufacturing method

The web glue applied to produce the cut fiber mat is not produced domestically, and all of them have to be procured from overseas, thus eliminating the problem of rising prices of products.

The inorganic fiber yarns were cut into one cutting roller portion having a length similar to the width of the lower conveying belt, and then dispersed by a dispersing device, and dropped on the conveying belt with low-weight releasing fibers, and after spraying water on the surface of the dispersed low-weight open-cut fiber yarns to increase the adhesive strength, the powdery binder system is dispersed and sprayed. Then, the pad is manufactured by heating and cooling.
Using glass fiber, basalt fiber and inorganic fiber yarn, make inorganic fiber mat by Textile cutting and dispersion → Water spray process → Powder adhesive dispersion spray → Heating → Cooling → Winding → Cutting